How do you like your vagina – smooth or bushy?

Todays outfit: One hell of a bush!

It’s been a while since I have shaved my private parts so I thought it was about time to trim the bush. I usually use wax on the bikini line and the rest I shave with blades. But this time I wanted to try out this crème that you leave on the skin for 3-6 min. and then the hair falls of when you wash the crème away – It’s been in the market for quite a while, but I have always been kind of afraid of using the it, because a product that makes your hair disappear sounds to me like some crazy chemical constellation. Newer the less I tried it out and yes it removed the hair but also the top layer of my skin – it was freakin’ painful and still is!

So I’m going to spend the whole night cooling my vagina down with Ice, which is not the night I was contemplating on having when I started the experiment. Actually it really sucks – because Tuesday nights I usually spend with a boy that i really enjoy being with – actually he is my little brothers school mate – he’ s only 16 years old but he is the best lover I have ever had, besides, I like younger guys – he sneaks out when his parents are gone to bed – but tonight I have to cancel our Tuesday-night-date – Hope I’m not going to leave him to heart broken 😦

He is adorable he kept seing me even though I passed on a STD – Ooops sorry for that sweetheart ❤


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